Fertilizer Solid Agronike

Fertilizer Solid Agronike

Agronik complete fertilizers 10-52-10+TE contain high-use and low-use elements along with EDTA chelate with a high percentage of phosphorus. This product is completely soluble in water and can be used in all irrigation systems. Agronaik complete fertilizers 15-5-30+TE contain high-use and low-use elements along with EDTA chelate, completely soluble in water for irrigation and foliar application.

Modifier Fertilizer

Modifier Fertilizer

Agrohumic 95 contains a high percentage of humic compounds (humic acid and fulvic acid), which are the most important components of soil humus. Agrohumic is used in agriculture, horticulture and green spaces alone or in combination with other high-consumption (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and low-consumption (iron, zinc, etc.) fertilizers.

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KalaTak company has been working in export and import since 1982, and in this direction, it has been active in this field with the help of experts and experienced professionals to improve the quality, increase the productivity of agricultural products and reduce costs.

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Agricultural pesticides are chemicals. These materials are used to eliminate pests. In general, a chemical pesticide is a chemical or a biological agent such as a virus, bacteria, antimicrobial, or disinfectant that inhibits and kills pests.

A fertilizer is a chemical product either mined or manufactured material containing one or more essential plant nutrients that are immediately or potentially available in sufficiently good amounts.

What are agricultural pesticides?

We strive to develop better fertilizer and production technologies, transfer these improved technologies to smallholder farmers, and connect these farmers to efficient and profitable markets. By working with strategic partners, we build local capacity and ensure sustainable impact.

Definition of pesticides substance Any substance or mixture of substances intended to prevent, eliminate or control any pest, including human or animal disease, unwanted species of plants or animals, which causes injury during production or interferes with production, processing, storage manufacturing.

Biodegradable pesticides Biodegradable is something that microbes and other living organisms can break down into harmless compounds.The most important advantage of pesticides is to protect crops from insects and other pests.

Organic fertilizers and Advantages Organic fertilizer in agricultural fertilizers, organic fertilizer is regularly used in nature. Usually as a byproduct or end product of a natural process. Organic fertilizers are also a subcategory of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers. Plant materials are generally rich in specific nutrients such as nitrogen.

Advantages of using chemical fertilizers Chemical fertilizers are among the types of agricultural poisons and fertilizers. These substances make soluble nutrients available to plants. Therefore, they have a direct and quick effect. The price of chemical fertilizers is lower and more competitive than organic fertilizers.

Fertilizing organic or chemical vegetables

The use of agricultural pesticides is so common that the term pesticide is often used synonymously with plant protection product. This substance is usually used to eliminate or control a variety of agricultural pests. Pesticides may damage crops and livestock and reduce farm productivity.