Kalatak company has been working in export and import since 1361, and in this regard, it has been active in this field with the help of experts and experienced professionals to improve the quality, increase the productivity of agricultural products and reduce costs.

We are trying to find a suitable way to solve the problems of farmers all over Iran and in this way we use our technical knowledge of the market and farmers’ needs. This kind of attitude makes a difference in the way we operate for our customers. Our attitude to work in the agricultural sector is to improve plant nutrition, productivity, benefit the farmer and pay attention to a healthy environment. Kalatak’s strong leverage is providing quality products and technical services to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Also, this company supports its customers through technical consultations, assistance in marketing and sales, training seminars and face-to-face meetings with customers.

It is hoped that with you we will take a big step towards the development of agriculture in our beloved country.