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fruit set Agronike Fruit Set is a special fertilizer for increasing the number of flowers and the proportion of fruit in the plant. This fertilizer contains humic compounds, amino acids, macro and micro elements, etc. with a special formula. Agronike Fruit set is easily absorbed by the plant. The best time to use this product is early spring when the buds swell and after the fruit is harvested before the leaves fall.   Advantages:
  • Regulation of fruiting growth hormones of trees and effective for flower and fruit growth
  • Reduction of fruit and leaf fall and as a result increase of fruit production
  • Increasing the resistance of trees and removing the symptoms of physiological diseases caused by lack of nutrition
  • Improving the shape and quality of the fruit, prolonging the harvest season
  Recommended consumption:
Foliar consumption
Agricultural crops Horticultural crops
1.5-2 Lit/ 1000 Lit water 1-2 Lit/1000 Lit water
  Guaranteed decomposition:
ترکیبات درصد %
هیومیک اسید 4
فولویک اسید 1
آمینو اسید 10
نیتروژن (N) 4
فسفر (P2O5) 10
پتاس (K2O) 8
کلسیم (Ca) 5/0
آهن (Fe) 5/0
روی (Zn) 5/0
منگنز (Mn) 3/0
مس (Cu) 3/0
بر (B) 06/0
مولیبدن (Mo) 005/0