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ALEXINO (MONO AND DI POTASSIUM PHOSPHITE)   Alexino is a systemic compound containing phosphite (H3PO3) which, in addition to having nutritional properties, increases plant resistance against diseases such as gummosis, fire blight, leaf diseases, root and stem rot caused by Oomyset fungi such as Pythium, Phytophthora , Downy mildew, damping-off, etc. are suitable. 100 cc of Alexino's ingredient contains specific plant amino acids, vitamins and phytohormones, which have a complementary relationship with the main composition, which has a double effect on the speed of absorption and transport of the composition in the plant. Alexino can be used through the irrigation system and foliar spraying.     Advantages
  • Simultaneous supply of potassium and phosphorus to the plant
  • Increasing flowering and reducing flower and fruit drop
  • Stimulating the plant's defense mechanism and increasing the production of antioxidants and phytoalexins in the plant
  • Resistance to stresses such as drought, cold, heat, etc.
  • Prevention of the spread of some fungal diseases related to plant roots, stems and leaves
  • Increasing the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the product, including aroma, taste, coloring, etc.
    Guaranteed decomposition:
                                            Compounds %
             Phosphorus (P2O5) 40 %
Potassium (K2O) 36 %
  Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption Foliar consumption
5-10 Lit/ha 2-5 Lit/1000 Lit water