ARKA Calcium nitrate

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Calcium nitrate ARKA calcium nitrate contains the best available source of calcium completely soluble in water, and nitrogen, and due to its high solubility and purity and easy absorption, it can be used in hydroponic cultures. It is used to feed all agricultural, garden and greenhouse plants.   Advantages:
  • Increased cell division, cell elongation, stimulation of growth and crown of the plant
  • Increasing product quality and fruit durability after harvest
  • Increasing the shelf life of cut flowers
  • Preventing the flowers from falling and the stem being thin
  • Free of chlorine, sodium and harmful heavy elements
  • Suitable for all soils and hydroponic crops
  • High absorption through foliar application, soil application and hydroponic cultivation
  Guaranteed decomposition:  
Compounds Percent %
Nitrogen (N) 12.5 %
Calcium oxide (CaO) 23.5 %
  Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption/irrigation fertilizer Foliar consumption
Agricultural crops Horticultural crops 1.5-3 Kg/1000 Lit water
10-12 Kg/ha 15-25 Kg/ha