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    Natural growth simulator C - KELP and TALOPHIT contains Ascophyllum nodosum algae extract extracted from the Atlantic coast of Canada with the highest quality and more than 60 types of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and natural hormones that stimulate plant growth.   Advantages:
  • Improving the germination of the leaves and increasing the growth of the roots
  • Stimulating growth, rejuvenating plants and stimulating rooting
  • Increasing fruit size, sugar percentage and fruit storage life
  • Increasing and stabilizing chlorophyll in plants
  • Reducing stress in plants due to extreme weather conditions
  • Increased absorption of minerals from the soil
تجزیه ضمانت شده:
16 %  Alginic Acid
50 % Organic matter
4 % Mannitol
1.2 % Nitrogen (N)
1 % Phosphorus (P2O5)
17 % Potassium (K2O)
3 % Sulphorus (S)
1.2 % Calcium (Ca)
0.6 % Magnesium (Mg)
20 Ppm Iron (Fe)
100 Ppm Zinc (Zn)
10 Ppm Manganese (Mn)
6 Ppm Copper (Cu)
20 Ppm Boron (B)
200 Ppm Molybdenum (Mo)
600 Ppm Gibberellin & Cytokinin
5000 Ppm Vitamins & Hormones
Guaranteed decomposition:                                 Recommended consumption:
Crops Foliar consumption
Agricultural crops 750-1000 gram/ha
Horticultural crops 750-1200 gram/1000 Lit water
Greenhouse crops 750-1200 gram/1000 Lit water
Grass 2.5 gram/Lit
Pastures 300-600 gram/ha
            Seed treatment: preparing a solution of 1 gram per liter of C-kelp and impregnating it with seeds and tubers. Cuttings and roots: preparing a solution of 2.5 grams per liter of C-kelp and placing the cuttings and bare roots for a day and night.