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15-5-30+ TE Agronike 15-5-30+TE contain macro and micro elements along with EDTA chelate, completely soluble in water for irrigation and foliar application. This product contains a high amount of potassium, which is suitable for fruiting and the reproductive growth period of the plant and eliminates the lack of macro and micro elements, especially potassium, in this period of plant growth.   Advantages:
  • Increasing the growth and development of the plant, especially during the reproductive period of the plant
  • Increase in productivity, fruit coloring and product taste
  • Increasing the storage properties of the product
  • Effective in activating enzymes and producing proteins effective in plant growth
  • Increasing plant strength and plant resistance to environmental stresses
  • Increasing product storage life
  • Free of chlorine, sodium and harmful heavy elements, suitable for all types of soils
  • No accumulation of salt in the soil and irrigation systems after long-term use
  • Can be used in hydroponic cultivation system
  • Low electrical conductivity (EC) and suitable pH
  Guaranteed decomposition:  
AGRONIKE 15-5-30+TE درصد %
Nitrogen (N) phosphorus P2O5 potassium K2O Magnesium MgO EC (1g.Lit) mS/cm pH (1%)
Nitrate Amonium Urea Total nitrogen
11.5 3.5 0 15 5 30 1 1.2 505
Micro elements  (ppm)
Iron (EDTA) Zinc (EDTA) Manganese (EDTA) Copper (EDTA) Boron (B) Molybdenum (Mo)
1000 200 500 200 100 20
                    Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption/irrigation fertilizer Foliar consumption
Agricultural crop Horticultural crop Agricultural crop Horticultural crop
10-15 Kg/ha 20-50 grams per tree 1-3 Kg/ha 2-3 Kg/1000 Lit water