Macro and Micro fertilizer- Arka 12-2-44

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3-  ARKA 12-2-44 Arka 12-2-44 contains elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The nitrogen in this product is in the form of nitrate and is a good substitute for potassium nitrate fertilizer. It is completely soluble in water and suitable for all herbal products.   Advantages:
  • Eliminating potassium and nitrogen deficiency
  • Increasing the production of protein and starch in the plant
  • Increasing the amount of flowering and fertility of the plant
  • Improve the size, flavor and quality of the product
  • Increasing crops storage life
  • Increasing plant resistance to physiological and non-physiological stresses
  • Free of chlorine, sodium and harmful heavy elements, suitable for all soils
  • No accumulation of salt in the soil and irrigation systems after long use
  • It has low electrical conductivity (EC) and suitable pH
  Guaranteed decomposition:  
ARKA 12-2-44   Percent %
Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus(P2O5) Potassium(K2O) Solubility
12 2 44 200 g/L
          Recommended consumption:  
Soil consumption/irrigation fertilizer Foliar consumption
Agricultural crop Horticultural crop 2-4 Kg/ 1000 Lit water
10-12 Kg/ha 15-25 Kg/ha