micronutrient fertilizer Agronike- Elemin

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Elemin Agronike Elemin is essential for supplementing micronutrient elements of the plant. Agronike Elemin is completely soluble in water and contains humic compounds, amino acids, along with chelates of essential micronutrients for plants. Agronike. Elemin is quickly absorbed by the plant and is suitable for foliar spraying and drip irrigation of various crops. Agronike Elemin is used in agricultural and horticultural products, fruit trees and green spaces.     Advantages:
  • Stimulator of plant growth, supplier of micronutrient elements required by the plant
  • Flower and fruit protection, fruit development, product quality improvement
  • Increasing plant resistance, eliminating physiological diseases caused by the lack of low consumption elements
  • Increasing the volume of leaf chlorophyll and photosynthesis
  Guaranteed decomposition:
Compounds Percent %
Humic acid 4 %
Fulvic acid 1 %
Amino acid 12 %
Iron (Fe) 0.5 %
Zinc (Zn) 0.5 %
Copper (Cu) 0.15 %
Manganese (Mn) 0.6 %
 Boron(B) 0.08 %
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.005 %