micronutrient fertilizer- Apex iron chelated 6%

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Apex iron chelated 6% Fe-EDDHA 6%(o-o 4.8) The best iron chelating agent in calcareous soils is the EDDHA agent, which increases iron absorption in high acidity due to the presence of two phenolic rings in its molecular structure. The best time to use this fertilizer is at the beginning of the growing season when leaves appear (before flowering) and the second time after fruit formation. Early deficiency symptoms appear in young leaves and turn bright yellow to white while the veins remain green. In severe deficiency, the thin, small, soft and broad leaves turn yellow and fall, the fruits become smaller and the degree of coloring of the fruit decreases. Iron has an ionic antagonism with manganese and calcium, and the presence of these elements in the soil, high pH, and improper soil ventilation reduce iron absorption.   Advantages:
  • Contains EDDHA chelate with 4.8% ortho-ortho isomer
  • The highest stability in alkaline and acidic soils
  • Can be used through irrigation water, soil use and hydroponic cultivation
  • Completely soluble in water and does not clog droppers.
  • Increasing greenness, rooting and flowering of the plant
  • Increasing plant resistance against environmental stresses
        Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption
crops Rate of use
Agricultural crops 2-5 Kg/ha
Citrus young trees 20-40 grams per tree
old trees 70-150 grams per tree
Horticultural crops young trees 20-125 grams per tree
old trees 25-125 grams per tree
Seedlings and greenhouses 10-25 gram per 10 m2
Hydroponic culture 17 grams/1000 Lit water