Micronutrient fertilizer Iron- IROFER Fe-EDDHA 6%

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IROFER Fe-EDDHA 6% (o-o 3.6) Irofer iron chelate 6% increases chlorophyll and photosynthesis efficiency and ultimately increases crop yields.   Advantages:  
  • Iron iron containing EDDHA chelate with 3.6% ortho-ortho isomer
  • High stability in all types of alkaline and acidic soils
  • Can be used through irrigation water, soil use and hydroponic cultivation
  Recommended use:
Soil consumption
Crops Rate os usage
Agricultural crops 2-5 Kg/ha
Citrus Young tree 20-40 grams per tree
Old tree 70-150 grams per tree
Horticultural crops Young tree 20-125 grams per tree
Old tree 25-125 grams per tree
Seedlings and greenhouses 10-25 grams per 10 m2
Hydroponic crops 17 grams/1000 Lit water
  Note: IROFER is not recommended for foliar application.