Modifier anti salinity- Contrasal

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Contrasal (Calcium polysulfide)   Contrasal is a soil modifier liquid that changes the physical and chemical properties of agricultural soils to make them more susceptible to the growth of agricultural crops. Contrasal improves water permeability and soil ventilation and allows water to pass through. Advantages:• Reducing soil pH, removing unwanted sodium in the soil, and as a result, increasing soil porosity• Improving soil ventilation and permeability• Improving plant nutrition, providing plant calcium and sulfur• Better absorption of elements such as zinc, phosphorus and magnesium by the plant Guaranteed decomposition:
Compounds Percent %
calcium (CaO) 9 %
Sulphur (SO3) 55 %
 Recommended use:
Irrigation use
Before planting After planting
70-80 Lit/ha 60-70 Lit/ ha