Modifier humic acid- Biolem

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3- Biolem Humic acid 65% with nutrients Biolem humic acid powder, completely soluble in water, contains 65% concentrated humic composition along with some nutrients and the best natural chelating agent for metal elements in the soil. Humic acid is the best natural chelating agent for soil metal elements. Humic acid can directly have positive effects on plant growth. Biolem is used alone or in combination with other fertilizers in crops, horticulture and green spaces.   Advantages:
  • Stimulating plant hormones and enzymes
  • Increasing soil microbial activity and positive impact on soil physical structure
  • Increasing the cation exchange capacity and increasing the water holding capacity in the soil
  • Producing strong roots and thus producing a healthy plant
  • The property of chelating metal elements and increasing its absorption by the plant
Ppm compounds Percent % Compounds
Ppm 15000 آهن (Fe) 55 % Humic acid
1900 Ppm magnasium (Mg) 10 % Fulvic acid
50 Ppm Manganese (Mn) 5 % potassium (k2O)
10 Ppm Zinc (Zn) 1 % Nitrogen (N)
pH ( Solution 10 %) 9-11
Guaranteed decomposition:                         Recommended consumption:
Crop Fertigation in soil Foliar spray
Tomato, Eggplant and Lettuce 1.5-2 Kg/ha Drench seedling one day prior to transplanting with Biolem at 100 l water. 1-1.5 Kg/ha ( 1-2 times per season)
Forage Brassicas & Wheat 3-5 Kg/ha Broadcast apply prior to planting 2-3 Kg/ha (2-3 times per season)
Maize & row crops 2-3 Kg/ha Dribble into seed furrow at planting time 1-1.5 Kg/ha (1-2 times per season)
Citrus/ Stone fruit 4-5 Kg/ha Apply 4 weeks prior to budburst & repeat application in February 3-4 Kg/ha (2-3 times per season)
Kiwifruit/Grape 3-4 Kg/ha Apply 4 weeks prior to budburst & repeat immediately post-harvest 0.5 – Kg/ha (3-4 times per season)
Vegetables 3-5 Kg/ha Apply of recommended dosage as soil drench prior to planting. Apply the rest at intervals during the next 6-4 weeks 2-3 Kg/ha (2-3 times per season)