Modifier humic acid- Liquid Agrohumic

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1- Liquid Agrohumic Liquid Agrohumic contains humic compounds (humic acid and fulvic acid), which are the most important components of soil humus. Agrohumic is prepared from rich Leonardite mines and is used in agricultural products, horticulture and green spaces alone or in combination with other high-consumption (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and low-consumption (iron, zinc, etc.) fertilizers.   Advantages:
  • Improving soil structure
  • The property of chelating metal elements and increasing its absorption by the plant
  • Lowering the pH of the environment around the roots and as a result better absorption of nutrients
  • Increasing the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms and increasing their population
  • Increasing plant resistance to drought and salinity
  • Increased root growth and as a result increased absorption of nutrients
  • High concentration and density
  Guaranteed decomposition:
Compounds Percent %
Humic acid 16 %
Fulvic acid 6 %
potassium (K2O) 3 %
pH 9-11
            Recommended use:
Soil consumption / irrigation fertilizer foliar Seed treatment
Agricultural crops Horticultural crops 1.5-2 Lit/ha 1-1.5 Lit/ 100 Kg seeds
30-40 Lit/ha 5-10 Lit/ha
      Attention: Do not mix liquid agro-humic with calcium and acidic compounds such as urea phosphate, potassium sulfate, etc.