Paral Aminoful 80%

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Paral Aminoful 80% Free Amino Acid (FAA) 80 % Paral-Aminoful consists of 80% of high amounts of essential and required amino acids of natural origin. By providing a high percentage of amino acids, this combination helps the plant produce its protein more easily and saves the energy needed to produce amino acids in plant cells.   Advantages:
  • Increasing resistance to adverse conditions (drought, heat, cold, salinity, hail and disease)
  • Improving product quality such as taste, color and strength
  • Increasing the germination of pollen grains and thus increasing the length of the pollination period
  • Reducing the damage caused by using poisons and chemical fertilizers
  • No adverse effects for plants and the environment
  • Improving the amount of absorption and transfer of micronutrient elements in the plant
  • Increasing the thickness of the leaf and stimulating the flow of nutrients and thus increasing the yield of the plant
  Application of foliar spraying: One kilogram in 1500 to 2000 liters of water. Repeat 2 to 3 times with an interval of one to two weeks in the vegetative stage, one stage in the reproduction time, before and after flowering.