Potassium mono phosphate

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Potassium mono phosphate ARKA Mono Potassium Phosphate is a good source of phosphorus and potassium. This combination is recommended for the early growth period when phosphorus availability is critical for the growth and stability of the root system. This fertilizer is free of sodium, chlorine and other harmful elements for plants and soil and has the lowest salinity index compared to other fertilizers. It is suitable for preparing food solution and for spraying crops, horticulture and greenhouses.   Advantages:
  • Root development in the soil
  • Has a minimal risk of leaf burn
  • Stimulating flowering and creating resistance to fungal diseases
  • Improving the color, taste and performance of the product
  • Increasing protein synthesis and carbohydrate production in the product
    Guaranteed decomposition:
Compound Percent %
potassium (K2O) 34 %
phosphorus (P2O5) 52 %
    Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption Foliar consumption
Agricultural consumption Horticultural consumption 2-4 Kg/1000 Lit water
10-12 Kg/ha 15-25 Kg/ha