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POTASSIUM THIOSULFATE (KTS) (K2S2O3) Potassium thiosulfate has an effect on the chemical and biological properties of the soil and reduces the acidity of the soil and thus increases the solubility of micronutrient elements in the soil. Thiosulfate reduces the rate of conversion of urea to ammonium and inhibits nitrification. This product can be used in the entire growth period of plants and is suitable for crops, greenhouse, garden and summer crops in the form of irrigation.   Advantages:
  • supply of potassium and sulfur elements to the plant
  • Free of chlorine, adjusts the pH of alkaline soils
  • High absorption of soil potassium after using irrigation water and improving the color and size of the fruit
  • Increasing the quality and yield of products such as onions and potatoes, summer vegetables, cabbage, oilseeds (cotton, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, etc.), legumes, cruciferous vegetables (mustard) and fruit trees.
  • The sulfur present in this product improves the flavor of the fruit and prevents the accumulation of nitrates in plants
  • Control of sucking pests (mites, trips, etc.) and fungal diseases of powdery mildew (Erysiphe sp.) due to the presence of sulfur thiosulfate
    Guaranteed decomposition:
Compounds %
Potassium (K2O) 25 %
گوگرد کل (S) 18 %
  Recommended consumption:
Soil consumption Foliar consumption
Agricultural crops Horticultural crops Agricultural crops Horticultural crops
4-12 Lit /ha 8-16 Lit/ha 300-400 cc/100 Lit water 200-300 cc/100 Lit water
  Note: Do not mix this fertilizer with acidic fertilizers with a pH lower than 6. Avoid mixing with calcium products and acid fertilizers.