Rooting fertilizer Agronik- MEGAROOT

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1- MEGAROOT Increase natural growthAgronike Megaroot is a special fertilizer for stimulating root growth. This fertilizer contains humic compounds, amino acids, macro and micro elements with a high amount of phosphorus, etc. Agronike Megaroot is completely soluble in water and is easily absorbed by plant roots. Agronike Megaroot is directly used in drip irrigation system, rain and hydroponic culture. It can be used in crops, vegetables, summer and green spaces     Advantages:
  • Production of strong and developed roots
  • Resistance to cold, the death of the production of new roots
  • Healing of damaged roots caused by low temperature
  • Increasing soil organic matter, adjusting soil pH balance, improving soil structure
  • Increasing plant resistance to pests and diseases and environmental stress
    Recommended use:
Direct use on roots and seedlings drop irrigation
100 cc/100-150 Lit water 3-4 Lit/ha
            Guaranteed  decomposition  
Compounds %
Humic acid 10
Fulvic acid 3
Amino acid 10
Nitrogen (N) 4
Phosphorus (P2O5) 10
Potassium (K2O) 4
Iron (Fe) 0.3
zinc (Zn) 0.5
Manganese  (Mn) 0.3
copper (Cu) 0.2